Extinguish Potential System Fires Before They Become Critical!

file 23 FireExtinguisher

With today’s complexed IT environments and data availability demands, monitoring database performance is essential in order to keep systems up and operating at peak performance. If not, the likelihood of a system outage causing unplanned downtime can spell disaster.

End users don’t want excuses, they expect 100% availability with rapid and consistent response times. Whether it’s interacting with suppliers, serving customers, or managing back-office functions such as accounting, payroll and human resources, companies rely on technology to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

IT operations utilizing various in-house tools can spend hours, even days, firefighting application and systems issues to maintain performance and avoid unscheduled outages.

Surveillance DBâ„¢, is an automated, performance monitoring solution, proactively addresses these hazardous conditions to ensure optimum system efficiency. So whether you are running a data warehouse, an application, a high availability transaction system or a traditional database, Surveillance will always be on full alert status, enabling you to spend more time on day-to-day operations and less time on problem solving.

Full monitoring support for SAP Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server and DB2-LUW databases running on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

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