Keep Calm and structure your data

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Quant ICT Group helped a client in worldwide beverage industry to structure their data. This company stood for business critical SAP upgrades.The mainframe of these upgrades on the production environment was limited(less than 6 hours). Therefore they chose to archive and reorganize their Oracle databases before doing the upgrades.

The Oracle database was archived and reorganized “online” in off-peak hours so production experienced no disruption. Immediately the users noticed a performance increase between 70%-90% depending on the jobs. After reorganization the space on the database was reduced with 42% what saves the company a lot of money.

With the help of Quant ICT Group their DBA’s are capable of managing and monitoring multiple databases from one platform. This simplifies and accelerates their routine tasks, reduces errors and speeds up the productivity of their databases.

Over the years Quant ICT Group has been supplying database monitoring solutions to different industries for SAP / Sybase ASE, SAP / Sybase IQ, SAP / Sybase Replication Server, Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2 UDB and MYSQL.

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