Real-Time Monitoring Toolset for SAP HANA In-Memory Databases

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Surveillance DB for the SAP HANA platform provides IT professional’s essential system visibility to capture comprehensive views of overall system health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to determine the root cause of performance bottlenecks.

Whether you are running a data warehouse application, high availability online transaction systems or a regular database, Surveillance provides you peace-of-mind, knowing that your SAP database systems are up and running and performing to agreed service levels.

Performance monitoring solution – anytime-, anywhere

Deployed in organizations who run some of the world’s most critical data on the Sybase platform, Surveillance is battle-tested and built from the ground up. Comprised of a unique agent-based architecture, Surveillance is flexible to suit any size implementation.

The Surveillance client can monitor a Sybase agent from anywhere in the world as long as the client can connect to the network the server is on. The agent(s) can be installed on as many servers as necessary in an (N+1) configuration, which means you can monitor as many servers as needed from a single client, and if the network goes down, the agent(s) still perform their functions for event management and alarming.

From simple to complex environments, Surveillance delivers seamless functionality in four key areas:

  • Real time monitoring
    Surveillance provides a facility to display an extensive set of predefined windows that provide an immediate global view of database activity and detailed performance metrics such as SQL, top timed events, session/process activity, locks, tempDB, file I/O, and much more. View real-time data from multiple RDBMS simultaneously. Data from each window can be sorted or filtered while most statistics can be graphed over time.
  • Unattended Event Management
    The cornerstone of Surveillance whose sole purpose is to continually monitor the database  for conditions  which have a negative impact  on performance  and/or  availability and alert  technical  professionals  before they become critical. An extensive alerting facility comes with a standard set of rules for the various system environments that users can also customize for every conceivable condition and organizational structure. Easy integration of customized alerts notify IT professionals by e-mail, pager, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Netcool, pop-up windows, or record the error in the Windows NT Event log.
  • Flashback or real-time windows
    Surveillance provides the capability to go back or “flashback” to a selected point in time to view data. Through a local repository cache, you can perform a forensic analysis on a recent issue from any real-time window or alert. Now, IT professionals can diagnose system issues that occurred minutes, hours, days or weeks ago to find the root cause of an unplanned outages, and take preventive measures to avoid future outages.
  • Historical Data Analysis and Reporting
    Use data from the Historical Repository for problem resolution as well as for system upgrade and capacity planning purposes. DBA’s can also use the data to establish baselines for threshold values in Event Management’s rule definitions. Complementing the historical data is a powerful reporting tool based on Crystal Reports that includes standard and user definable reporting. Produce high quality reports from the Surveillance Centralized Repository Database, and generate numerous pre-defined reports for each monitored platform.

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Key Benefits

  • Powerful memory monitoring optimized for the SAP HANA in-memory database
  • More in-depth monitoring and alerting capabilities than SAP Solutions Manager
  • Quick access to important connection details, such as full SQL text, SQL plans, locks & more for DBAs transitioning from other databases
  • Integrate existing scripts with easy and convenient user defined collections (UDCs) and user-defined windows (UDWs)
  • Full web-enabled and tablet-enabled monitoring
  • Build custom workspaces of monitoring tab views

Product Summary

  • Server Health – Dashboard of critical areas in the HANA database, including a breakdown of key memory areas
  • Service Memory Usage – Analysis of memory used by the various HANA services
  • Column Store Tables – Purpose-driven views of column store tables for memory optimization, including top memory used, top estimated size, and top delta usage, along with enhanced status information for delta merges and loads
  • Connections – Session-level information on applications- SQL statements
    – Query plans
    – Open Transactions
    – Locks
  • Volumes and Disks – Storage usage
  • Operations – Continuous view of delta merges, loads, and other operations
  • Configuration  – View the “ini” settings in the many different categories of HANA options

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