Reorganize your database online

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Implement structural change and perform database reorganizations without impacting user productivity or application availability.

The new global market makes demands on information technology systems around the clock. At any time of day, it’s the prime business hour somewhere in the world. The Internet and electronic commerce allow people to order goods and services at any hour.
With traditional database reorganization methods, international companies with geographically dispersed users cannot avoid locking out some of their users. When that happens, retrieving data involves extensive CPU, I/O and elapsed time, costing time, money and end-user productivity. In turn, customers are lost and revenue decreases. To reduce these costs, data must be reorganized.

When a company needed to perform a reorganization, the DBA would have to find a time when the database usage was low to provide enough downtime to stop objects and deny users access to data to perform a reorganization. However, growing demand for greater data access is making scheduled downtime increasingly difficult and undesirable.

Do you have the capability to reorganize your database tables and its respective objects while transactions are running against it? And in addition can you perform online structural changes, online partition management, security administration, schema management, trend analysis and SQL tuning of Oracle databases? What if you can change storage parameters, move tables to new tablespaces, and reorganize indexes while users remain online and the system remain functional? Reorganize online and keep you productivity high. Learn more or ask for more information, tel.: +31 880882500