The Heavy Cost of System Downtime

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Human error, network failures, buggy apps and the ever-present hacker have made system outages a constant concern for far too many organizations.

IT system outages have emerged as fairly routine issues for companies today—and the resulting downtime amounts to a five-figure financial hit every day, according to recent research from CloudEndure.

The resulting “2016 Disaster Recovery Survey” report reveals that while the majority of IT professionals say they’ve set service availability goals of 99.9% (a.k.a., the industry standard “three nines” mark), far fewer say they’re capable of achieving this “most of the time.” As for the culprits? Either human error or network failures are usually to blame, not to mention app bugs, storage failures and (of course) the ever-troublesome hacker.

Disaster recovery solutions would help. However, only a minority of businesses use disaster recovery for the majority of their servers. (For the purposes of the report, downtime is defined by survey participants as moments when either a system is not accessible, or that it’s accessible but highly degraded and/or not operational for certain functions.) More than 140 global IT pros took part in the research.


  • Routine Stop
    57% of IT pros say their company has had at least one systems outage in the past three months, and 31% say they’ve had an outage either in the past week or month.
  • Delayed Response
    39% have set recovery time objectives (RTOs) at more than 30 minutes, and an additional 6% haven’t even established any RTOs.
  • Budget Burden
    73% say downtime costs their organization more than $10,000 a day.
  • Top Risks to System Availability
    * Human error: 22%,
    * Network failure: 20%,
    * App bugs: 15%,
    * Storage failures: 11%,
    * External threats, such as a hack: 11%
  • High Bar
    77% say their service availability goal is 99.9% (“three nines”) or better, or less than nine hours of downtime a year.
  • Room for Improvement
    52% say their company meets availability goals “most of the time” and 38% say they do so “consistently.”
  • Under Informed, Part I
    22% say their organization doesn’t measure service availability at all.
  • Under Informed, Part II
    Just 40% notify customers about a service availability event when it occurs
  • Over Exposed
    Only 45% say their company uses disaster recovery for more than half of their servers.
  • Weather Report
    54% say they are targeting public cloud sources for disaster recovery platforms, and 35% are looking at private cloud sources.

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