The power and potential of Data Virtualization

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While over the last ten years, consumer technologies have become increasingly easier to use and more powerful, the same is not true for corporate infrastructures. The same products and technologies that came to the forefront fifteen years ago during the Y2K scare continue to be the backbone of data movement throughout the enterprise today. There is a great fear of even touching what’s in place because of the brittle nature of the hard-wired integrations and their interdependencies, and because of the huge time and effort required to make even a small change.

Generally the hype is far greater than any real potential impact for new technologies that surface, but recent examples of high profile technologies with truly high potential such as Social Media, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, all of which can bring significant benefit to your company, at least over time.

There is another “new technology,” Data Virtualization that is not as flashy, but it can bring more benefit to your business in a short time.

When you sit down to strategize creatively about where you could take your business, change your paradigm, offer new products, restructure your organization, or make any significant change, you like to dream without considering current constraints. One of those is, no doubt, the ballast of your IT infrastructure. If your infrastructure relied on agile integration software using Data Virtualization and Data Federation, you could quickly and easily access all the data you need to analyze the validity of your ideas. Whatever modification you need to make to your internal and external data access and delivery capabilities can actually be put in place in typically 90% less time and cost than legacy infrastructure.

You can make better decisions, make your customers happier, interact more easily with your business partners, and ensure security of your data. You shed the impediments of current data integration platforms. You have the infrastructure to support a truly agile business model, and save plenty of money and tedious hassles that current infrastructures pose.

Adopting Data Federation and Virtualization will tremendously reduce your Tech Debt, streamline your data flows to directly address the business needs and reduce the maintenance you have been dealing with on the extraneous staging databases. Most of all, it will unfetter your business to be a responsive and agile company.

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