Freelance Project Manager gezocht (ingevuld)

Voor een opdrachtgever in Noord Holland zijn we op zoek naar een Senior Projectmanager met een uitstekende staat van dienst binnen grote (internationale), complexe  en politieke organisaties.

Expertise aanvraag, Projectmanager

Freelance Oracle DBA gezocht (ingevuld)

Voor een opdrachtgever in Noord Holland zijn we op zoek naar een Senior Oracle DBA met een uitstekende staat van dienst op het gebied van database inrichting, monitoring en beheer binnen grote, complexe en politieke organisaties.

Expertise aanvraag, Oracle DBA

Manage systems that are constantly growing in complexity

DBAs must manage systems that are constantly growing in complexity. It is no longer possible to manually collect and evaluate all the data and events an enterprise data center can generate.

Surveillance DBâ„¢ automates the collection of performance and availability metrics and provides proactive and automated detection, isolation and diagnosis of performance and availability issues.

Proactive Performance Management

Managing critical data processes to an expanding healhcare membership pool

With coverage to millions of expected new members, the demand to maintain a real-time snapshot of daily transactions for corporate reporting and analysis becomes increasingly essential. To ensure IT health and efficiency, leading HMOs and managed care companies require automated database monitoring solutions that provide Uninterrupted System Availability, Proactive, Notification & Problem Resolution, Fast (even real-time) Integration of Data between  Multiple Systems and Locations.

Managing Critical Data Processes To An Expanding Healthcare Membership Pool

Comprehensive Server Monitoring

Complementing Bradmark’s database toolset, Surveillance OSâ„¢ for UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems monitors essential server statistics to ensure optimum performance and availability of the operating system and application data.

Comprehensive Server Monitoring

Whitepaper: Inspiring New Patterns…..

 Inspiring New Patterns or Data Integration – Mixed-Time Federation and Virtualization


Whitepaper: Data Virtualization and Federation

Metadata Comes of Age with Enterprise Enabler®



Whitepaper: Enterprise Enabler® and

Incorporating on-premise data without moving it to the cloud



Agile Integration Software Essentials

A model for next-generation consolidated integration infrastructure


Whitepaper: Enterprise Enabler® and SharePoint 2010

 Why SharePoint Needs Enterprise Enabler



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