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in the know
No longer is there an excuse for “not knowing”. Enterprise Enabler, mentioned in Gartner’s “Data Virtualization Market Guide” helps you by providing access to accurate, real-time data from any source location, so you van make agile and fast decisions regarding your businsess. Whether in the cloud, spread across siloed databases or within various spreadsheets, Enterprise Enabler is able to bring your data together by using its patented AppCommâ„¢ technology. Our goal is to become a partner in helping your business untlock the values and power of your data.


“Enterprise Enabler has created new information horizons for WCA. We have been able to consolidate, share and analyze millions of records in minutes across different systems and platforms. It doesn’t matter if our data resides in the cloud, databases, or spreadsheets. The Stone Bond platform has given us a view to our company data that we could only dream about a few months ago.” – WCA’s Vice President of Information


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