The sky is the limit

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With today’s complexed IT environments and data availability demands, monitoring database performance is essential in order to keep systems up and operating at peak performance. If not, the likelihood of a system outage causing unplanned downtime can spell disaster.

End users don’t want excuses, they expect 100% availability with rapid and consistent response times. Whether it’s interacting with suppliers, serving customers, or managing back-office functions such as accounting, payroll and human resources, companies rely on technology to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

The ideal solution for a DBA to monitor their database environment is one unhampered by limitations of the hardware supported by the product. Do you want to have the flexibility to provide multiple configuration choices, creating the means to optimally monitor the database in any environment?

No limits:

  • View real-time data from any Oracle, Sybase, DB2 UDB and MS SQL Server environment simultaneously
  • Deploy and analytical “drill-down” methodology for quick problem identification
  • Improve data availability by reducing database downtime and troubleshooting
  • Flashback too view data at a select a point in time to determine the root cause of an outage
  • Enable proactive notification of potential problems long before systems are affected
  • Leverage existing IT personnel and reduce future staffing needs
  • Produce real-time statistics and reports for trend analysis and capacity planning

As you can see the sky is the limit. For more information contact Quant ICT Group,,, tel:+31 880882500.